Got talent?  Got drive?  But don't have time to manage your career?

Gentry Music Group will take care of the business while you do what you love!

Gentry Music Group is a full-service artist management and consulting company representing artists and personalities in the music industry. GMG is responsible for everything and anything that enhances the development of a performing artist's career, from complex negotiations to long-term career plans.

Jojo Gentry (President/Founder) has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. GMG is well informed on music industry practices, standards, and, regulations and is always alert to the constant changes in the music industry to better assist and benefit our clients.

GMG’s dedicated staff works hard to individualize each project they take on from concept to completion. We are committed to helping artists increase their opportunities at levels that are appropriate for their interests and goals.

GMG works with artists who are serious about building their careers and taking it to the next level. GMG encourages all artists, prior to seeking management, to learn as much about the music industry as possible.

Services Include:

• Artist Management

• Artist Consulting & Development

• Side Player Management



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